Of Comings and Goings

This coming of yours
feels so new, yet so old
as if the going never happened
and the coming was actually
just a part of staying

this coming
so contenting, yet so empty
feels like some season to me
which arrives afresh every year
but has nothing novel to offer
except for the hopes of new beginnings

this coming
so gratifying, yet so ruthless
has got a going attached to it
like the mornings which bring in the light
and leave soon with the coming of dusk
giving way to the dark and dreary nights

this coming
so blissful, yet so despairing
sounds like a familiar melody hummed before
with akin tune and similar notes
and I know this initial cheery music
would soon turn into a somber song

I have seen these comings before
and have also evident the goings
and I wonder if the story repeats itself
would we ever come back to feel sorry
for while these comings are indeed soothing
and can even heal the oldest soares
the goings are often brutal and crude
which only leave behind wounds and woes.


42 thoughts on “Of Comings and Goings

Add yours

    1. Sangbad…your writings have been so inspiring and I look up to you with immense admiration as a poet of diverse writing style. I am glad you always take out time to read my poems and have been liking them. I am humbled ! Thank you so much 😊


  1. Very deep thought about someone special in your life…loved the poem..esp these lines-

    “this coming
    so gratifying, yet so ruthless
    has got a going attached to it”


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    1. Dear Lalitha (is that how you like to addressed ?), thanks so much for sparing time to read my poem and for your kind comment. I am so glad you liked it. I took a moment to glance through your blog and I must say you are such an inspiring person and I truly salute your courage and spirit. You have got a beautiful page and your writings are amazing. I really look forward to reading more from you.

      Hope you would keep visiting. Take care of yourself and keep writing ! 😊

      Much love,
      Chhaya ❀ ❀

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      1. Talitha Cumi means Arise little girl, a phrase my father used before he disowned me. Thank you for your very very kind comments, I find your words far more inspiring, far more worthy than mine, but I just write as I speak xx Please just call me Talitha xx

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        1. How lovely ! I didn’t know it had such a deep meaning. I am so delighted to connect with you Talitha and hope to have more interactions with you as the days follow. You are very generous and kind. Love and hugs !!

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  2. In every coming comes pain and choices that often we humans don’t agree on.
    It’s something that will always carry in us to make sure that feeling inside us brings us a reminder,
    a closure for another future to come but never forget the past.

    Beautifully well said. Every level of emotion hits the spark.

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    1. It’s so pleasing to see that you could feel the poem so deeply and could absorb its essence so beautifully. Extremely delighted I am. Thanks for the read and the kind comment Charlie. I truly appreciate 😊

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  3. You are a poet! Some try to be profound but lack the charm to arrive at their desired destination but you have accomplished the daunting task of merging beauty and prose.

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