Finding Love

Move on
For the nights would swelter
And the days would shrivel
Until we find the rains again
Soaking our hearts
Over the backyards of
Love long abandoned.

~ Chhaya

It Rained!

It rained last night
When we kissed.
Yes it did!
I could feel
The drizzle
Soak my soul.
Tiny love droplets
Slowly seeping
Through my skin.
My bones
In the puddles
Filled with
Amorous pour
Of fervent desires.
Didn’t you hear
The sound
When it plashed
All over our hearts
As our lips
Entwined ?
Couldn’t you feel
The sweet mist
In our breaths
As we gasped
For air
Each others’ mouth?
You wouldn’t know,
But, it did rain
Last night.
And I am still
All drenched!

~ Chhaya

Do Wake Up!

Tell me,
Did you hear me
Grub my dreams
Last night
Or the nights before?
My eyes turning into
Makeshift shovels
Trying to dig out
The skeletons
I have been hiding
From you
Beneath the layers of
black mud nights.
I remember
You murmured something
As you slumbered next to me
With your head on my shoulder.
Perhaps you did sense
The heavy gush
Of tired breaths
From my mouth
But barely could you hear
The loud thumps on my chest.
Could you ?
Though I wish you had.
I wish you had
So you had woken up
And calmed me down
With a kiss
A hug
Or may be just your hands
Reaching out for mine
Helping me wipe those shovels
Of all the filth from past
That I had been soiling them with
Night after night.
I wish you had
So you could have
Reassured me
That my dreams
Need not be
Endless excavation missions
Yielding nothing but
Debitage memories
But that
They were meant to be
Beautiful gardens of love
And everything else
That I have ever wished for.

Tonight when my heart thumps
I hope you wake up
Please, do wake up!

~ Chhaya

Love Voyage

Through the waters
That silently flow
At the back of your eyes
I sail
Like a lost ship
Anchored by
Your breaths
Trying to reach
The shore of your heart
Gushing through
The amorous waves
That come my way
Holding on to
All my desires.

~ Chhaya

Mute Talk

To the silence

that speaks

a thousand words


converse with me

for my heart


mute talks tonight.”

– Chhaya

Rhapsodies of Love

Right at the cusp
where my words
merge with your
tender breaths
that’s where
my poems dawn
with a whiff of
iambic rhythm
stirred by
your symphonic
inhales and exhales

and I let
my verses melt
with the touch
of your warm lips
dripping gently
like the blobs of
molten desires
exuding from
the rhyme of
entwined kisses
quietly reciting
rhapsodies of love.

~ Chhaya








You flow through me
like a sparkling untamed river
majestic and unsurpassed
navigating through
my brown sedimentary skin
caressing my body
with gush of lustrous waves

your sensuous gentle ripples
stir my phlegmatic desires
like a ferocious deluge
hitting a comatose coast
and I bend and curve
through your smooth meanders
conforming to your silent urges

Oh! can’t you see ?
I am all riverine tonight.

~ Chhaya


Your forever
was too brief
like an abrupt
summer rain
marked by
a swift exit
and a reluctant
tipper tapper
silent enough
to be ignored
in the roaring heat
amidst life’s clamour
and yet
I was drenched
in your beguiling mizzle
penetrating my pores
like mellow lyrics
of some misty song
leaving me damp
for a lifetime.
~ Chhaya

The Static

The pepper night hues
seasoned with
turmeric lights
that we savoured together
are now recipes of
insipid vacuous gloom
plattered with pain
and despodency
the mothballed sleeps
yield no dreams anymore
and clock only drags
with a cumbrous weight
“time never felt as heavy
when you were here”

the only thing motile
left in me now
are my thoughts
peripatetic, wayfaring
vagrant and itinerant
rest I am all static
and almost torpid
like the sky
with its immutable latency

yes, I know
I could have counted
my breaths too
the alter in my chest
from high to low then high
with every inhale and exhale
which follows
but let’s not be deceived
for I hope you know
it’s been fairly long
that I disowned them
and what I snort now
are only borrowed gasps
from the remains of
exanimated life
that you left me with.

~ Chhaya



Of Roses

Blending smoothly
with every hue and shade
and every savor and scent
that you adorn me with

exquisite, splendid
flourishing and pristine
like the very advent of
fresh flawless spring

I bloom like a lasting rose
in a boundless yard of love
embraced gently
in your tender sepaline arms.

~ Chhaya

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