You Make Me Art

Parallel to the amorphous sky
the horizontal frame
of my statuesque body
lies like a piece of
magnificent architecture
holding vertical pillars
of your transcending memories
elevating from the pedestal
of my torpid mind
embellished with the carvings
of verses of love and pain
which have lingered with me
through every fraction of time

and the moonlight beams
pierce through my skin
like armature wires
so as to shape my contours
reminding me of your touch
which would instantly convert
every fragment of me
into a living figurine
of perfectly sculpted art
as I arched in your arms.

– Chhaya

71 thoughts on “You Make Me Art

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  1. Your words clearly show the depth of desire, yearning vividly touching the hearts of reader. How graciously you paint yourself and depict the form of art symbolised as love!
    This was a marvellous work, Chaaya and glad you are back!:)

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    1. Oh D, my wonderful friend…..your words are precious to me. Thanks so much for being ever encouraging and for always pushing me to do better.

      My writings are mostly about love and diverse emotions attached to it. I simply attempt to put them into words on paper, visualising them in various forms. I was always apprehensive if the representations that I draw in my poems would go well with the readers, but friends like you are the ones who always made me believe that I can carry on with my style of writing. I certainly cannot thank you enough for this. 😊

      Much love !

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      1. Honestly, I believe you can carry all the diversity in your work so aptly that it will always make a reader gasp!.
        You have a great command on the meter of the poem I feel, and that is really a weapon to a writer.☺

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        1. This should make my day, week and month…even a year may be ! 😁

          I feel honoured and deeply humbled by your words. You’re very kind, D. And a lovely soul to connect with. 😊

          Much love !

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          1. , (I saw your post in my feed again) , why is that you give three hearts to girls (only) whilst you write about love and ignore male bloggers, hmmm? I mean it’s your discretion, I am thinking that you may be one of the modern days feminists? (btw it’s good if you are!!!). Sometimes do visit my blogs too, although unmatching your liking standards but still It would be encouraging… Good night.

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            1. Haha….interesting observation, Aquib. Well, the hearts for girls are to convey sisterly love to them. I am ok sharing hearts with boys if they take it in a similar sense. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out to read my poems. I am so glad you enjoyed my work. I truly appreciate your kind words of appreciation and it’s a deeply humbling feeling.

      You have got a very interesting blog indeed and I am certainly going to spare more time to read what’s up there.

      Thanks again for paying a visit. 😊

      Cheers !

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    1. Great to hear from you Anisha and thanks so much for the read and your generous words of appreciation. I truly value that. 😊
      I really love your writings and always look forward to your posts. You are brilliant indeed !

      Thanks again for the visit. 😊

      Much love !

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    1. That you are able to feel what I attempt to express through my poems, that you can relate to what I write, and that you enjoy my work….these are all things of immense satisfaction to me as a poet. Thanks so much Charlie for your ever encouraging words and generous appreciation ! It means so much to me. 😊

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  2. hey, this is a great poem with rich texture, for example, in the first three lines alone your use of assonance (with this specific sound)
    “Par-A-llel to the A-mor-phOUs sky
    the horiz-On-tAl frame
    of my statuesque bO-dy”

    there is definitely much more that could be said about just those three lines.


    great vocab and excellent imagery

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