I am Art

The coarseness of my body
is nothing but the joints
where pieces mend
leaving behind fine cracks
which might no more pain
but their friction remains
to always remind me
that I am a unique
epitome of art
crafted by my own hands
cautiously reassembling
every single piece
of my shattered self
which once remained scattered
like worthless mess of clutter
to only regenerate into
this distinct version of me
which is unbreakable
unshakeable and invincible.


Time Machine

You must be a time machine !
How else can you do it ?
The way you turn
my hard fiery days
into soothing nights
when I curl
in the warmth
of your arms
or the way you convert
my summers into springs
with a single kiss
which makes me bloom
like a flower

How do you do it ?
The way you make me stroll
through the dark lanes
of your harrowing past
telling me all the stories
from crushed pages of your life
and then you flee me far away
on a rosy trip to the future
everytime, my love
I look deep into your eyes

How do you do it ?
The way you make me
transit eras
in just one night
in the gush of your
mesmeric fervent love
and the way sometimes
you hold the time
just so that
you can love me
a little longer

Yes, you are my time machine !



I can shield myself
from the chills of freezing winters
but not from the shivers
of those lingering kisses
which you planted
on my body

I can hide myself
from the summer swelter
but not from the flames
of torrid sensations
which your touch
has left on my skin

I can save myself
from the stormy rains
but not from the spurts of
your indelible memories
which drench my mind and soul

And as the years go by
and seasons repeat themselves
I wonder
if I would ever be able to
elude you someday
the way I have been eluding
every season.


Timeless Voyage

You have to be
on a timeless voyage
in the ocean of my eyes
to find all the answers
which your questions
can’t derive

so take a chance
and sail through
there’s nothing
to be scared about
the storm inside
is temporary
and the waves
just follow the line of my kohl
when you lose your direction

let my shiny brown iris
be your guiding light
when the darkness inside
prompts you to lose hope
and don’t give up
if you tend to sink
for I will be the anchor
holding on to you
and pull you out of the depths
when you would flutter
gasping for some air

and then my love
when you had tasted
all the brine of my eyes
and seen all the wrecks
of the past
which lie deep inside
that’s when
you would have all the answers
which my lips were trying to hide.


A Generous Stranger

If we cross each other someday
in a crowded market street
don’t just pass by like a stranger
who has nothing to give
except for a glance
or may be a frigid smile
no, you can’t be that empty
you never were !

pass by
like that silent breeze
of cold air on a chilly night
which never goes by
without leaving goosebumps
on even the most concealed skin

drop me some heartbeats
yes, they are still
my favourite music
I swear I will pick them up
before they touch the ground
and the beats burst
like delicate soap bubbles
without making any sound

leave me a few verses
hummed softly into the air
to keep them floating
only for my lips to catch them
and sing them later on
in my solitude

and if you are still as generous
leave behind
that musky fragrance
of your body
which I will quickly inhale
and merge with my breath
to create that inciting mixture
which numbs my body and mind

Not a single glance
and not a single smile
just leave me these
little fragments of you
while you cross me by
and we will continue to remain
complete strangers
like we had never been together.



There are times
when I breathe you in
filling all of my deepest pores
with the fractions of you
my body glowing
in the glow of your skin
my eyes shining
in the shine of your eyes
can’t you see ?
I am nothing
but your alter image

And then there are times
when I suck you out
from every tiny possibility
of my being
wiping you off
from my every conscious memory
and like filthy mud on the floor
washing away all your traces
as if you never existed
and shedding every flake of my skin
to efface even the slightest feel
of your touch

all of this
to only lead me back
to breathe you in again
and to yet again
expel you from myself
YES, you are such a routine now !


Preserve Your Dreams

The somber night churns itself
under the argent beam
of the moonlight
giving in to the dawn
leaving the residues
of fragile dreams behind
to decay in the day’s heat
and die a death in despair
unless there are dreams
that are chosen
and picked up
to be preserved deep inside
that marvellous corner
of ones heart
which is shielded with hope
and faith
where the dreams revive
and rejuvenate themselves
in the tender aura of
pursuit and desire
to survive
the many thrashes
of changing times
and seasons
to ultimately yield to
an accomplished reality.


The Sea of Longing

From the shore
where my moans begin
to the shore
where your moans end
there’s a deep vast sea
of yearning and longing
which we have travelled
soaking ourselves to the core
in the brine of lingering wishes
which burnt our bruised skin
like fire draped around our bodies
as we traversed
as far as we could
soaring from
one wave of desire
to another
with the hope that
perhaps in this
eternal vastness
there would come a point
where we would find each other
to sooth all our burns
and sores
in the cold flames of our love.



If you would have embodied
a fraction of me
and I would have imbibed
a portion of you
we could have filled up the voids in each other
and then our love would have been whole

If you would have caressed
some of my cracks
and I would have eased
some of your sores
we could have healed all of our wounds
and then our love would have been painless

If you would have tried
a little bit more
and I would have strived
a little bit harder
we could have calmed the storms inside us
and then our love would have been benign

If you would have kissed me
a little longer
and I would have embraced you
a little tighter
we could have endured the assaults of time
and then our love would have been eternal

If you would have given up
some “I” from yourself
and I would have given up
some “me” from myself
we could have created a world of “us”
and then our love would have been divine.


Emptying My Closet

Every morning I wake up
with dreams of you
scattered on my pillow
lying silent and in deep slumber
as I slowly pick them up
one at a time
keeping them safe
in that deep dark corner
of my closet
just next to
a bunch of your memories
a couple of your heartbeats
and some verses from your poems
which I have treasured in there
as my secret possessions
my precious assets
and someday if we meet again
may be I will show them to you
and then you can take them home
and make them your own
or may be just set them free
or crush and throw them into a bin
and that would empty my closet
and leave me space
to store brand new dreams
brand new memories
brand new heartbeats
and brand new poems.


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