The Wait

Sun kissed mornings
steal my nights
those savoured
in your fragrance
leaving me aghast
unfathomed and agap
in deep dark patches
of blazing days
charred into cinders
by the furnace of despair
and a molten me
strives hard
to be viscous enough
to flow with the time
where days turn into nights
so I can find you again
until dawn drifts us away.



Ashy Dreams

My dreams are somber ashes
spread over opaque night
guarded by misty moon
to be preserved till the end of time
they are blown by balmy breeze
flowing slowly as you breathe
my name in a turn of gasp
when loneness gets too stark
and you want to reach to me
but there’s no way it can be
that’s when those ashes fly
hoping that they will somehow find
you dreaming of me too
just like I always do
and then we will sleep in peace
when our dreams will come to meet.


You Make Me Art

Parallel to the amorphous sky
the horizontal frame
of my statuesque body
lies like a piece of
magnificent architecture
holding vertical pillars
of your transcending memories
elevating from the pedestal
of my torpid mind
embellished with the carvings
of verses of love and pain
which have lingered with me
through every fraction of time

and the moonlight beams
pierce through my skin
like armature wires
so as to shape my contours
reminding me of your touch
which would instantly convert
every fragment of me
into a living figurine
of perfectly sculpted art
as I arched in your arms.

– Chhaya

Loom of Desires

I was the warmth
of your golden skin
and you were the source
of my balmy breaths
those were the nights
when I had learned
how to weave dreams
with my cottony hands

your hair my silken yarn
which I could spin
all through the night
and then wind them
around my fingers
like beams wrapped
around warp-piles

with the jacquard loom of desires
taking hues from ombre skies
I thus wove a thousand dreams
in dark nights with open eyes.

– Chhaya

A Brown Poem

It’s a brown poem
that I write tonight
immersed in the ink
of your hazel eyes
brown is the shade
of my sublime words
and brown is the tone
of my subtle dactyls

the cadence is brown
the accent is brown
brown the assonance
and the rhythm is brown

the brown caesura
the brown elision
brown is the ellipsis
and refrains are brown

aglow by the touch
of your bronzy skin
the sense, the essence
and the gist is brown

brown are the feelings
brown are emotions
in the cascade of your hair
my verses flow in brown.

– Chhaya

Far Off Songs

I thank you for the songs
that you still sing for me
all alone in the gloomy
melancholic nights
to the music of love
which we played together
when our euphonious breaths
harmonically synthesised

and to the mountains and trees
and the towers and walls
I thank them ofttimes
from the depths of my heart
for bringing these songs
from all the distance to me
deflecting every note
every timbre and pitch
to finally make way
through miles unbound
for the melodies to reach
whom they really belong.

– Chhaya

Brumal Memories

Benumbed by the chills
of your brumal memories
I lay frozen every night
under the crisp moonlight
the shivers crack the bones
but the pain glaciates
while your sleeting thoughts
continue to pierce my mind
the sleep somewhere quivers
keeping me wide awake
and dreams come to frost
deep in my gelid eyes.

– Chhaya

Poems of Love

The poems of love
dawning from my eyes
and adorned by your lips
as kisses craft verses
of tender desires
inscribed by the warmth
of your balmy breaths
all over my body
to be read in silence
only by sheer touch
in absolute darkness
feeling the words like braille
smudging the amorous ink
with your clammy hands
on my damp skin.

– Chhaya

Threads of Hope

Amidst the coarse yarn of
extreme despondency
tangled incoherently
around the strands of life
I have still saved some
silken threads of hope
bundled in a patch of faith
to weave my breaths again
when in shreds
due to lashes of time.

– Chhaya






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