Of Fading Love

And someday my love
when we would have
no words to exchange
and our passive hugs
would have lost their warmth

when our touch would only
remain a frigid stimulus
and our smiles would be labored
and devoid of charm

when our breaths would no more
feel like elusive fragrance
and our eyes would have stopped
stealing those secret glance

when our voices would cease
to sound like songs
and every gesture
would seem like a forced stance

then my love
it would be time
to let go all the dreams
we saw together
for the love
which we thought
would always last
was only a thing
oh so ephemeral.


56 thoughts on “Of Fading Love

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    1. Dear Alexandra, thank you so much for sparing time to stop by my blog and reading my poems. I am so glad you liked them and especially this one you could resonate with. Please keep visiting more often. I read one of your poems and I must say you write beautifully. I look forward to reading more from you.

      Thanks again and my very best to you for all your endeavors 🙂

      Much love,
      Chhaya ❤ ❤

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