Put My Fears to Sleep

The stars are mute tonight

The sky is in a silent phase

The wind has lost its music

And the moon has no story to tell

This taciturn aphonic night

Is what my heart abhors

So sing me a lullaby, will you?

And put my fears to sleep.

~ Chhaya


Drained eyes

Yield empty dreams

In the vacuity of

Ransacked nights

As a sunken mind

Unveils memories

From the dark depths

Of times unplumbed.

~ Chhaya

Of Courage

My hands were bruised
Trying to grasp a moment
That felt like an eternity
I was losing a battle again
To a fragile fate
Succumbing to
The trickery
Of my own destiny
I shrivelled
As pain creeped in
Deep inside my gut
While I carried
The hefty remains
Of vanquished dreams
And crushed desires
Recklessly stacked
Beneath the layers
of my peeling skin
My bones crippled
trembled and creaked
and popped and cracked
Under the weight of
Gross despondency
But never did they give in
To the pangs and qualms
Of my decimated hopes

So I kept walking
To fight another battle
To grasp another chance.

~ Chhaya

The Leap

I tried to hang in there
Holding on to something
That didn’t even exist
What slipped
through my hands
Felt like a void or a null
But I thought it was all
That I had ever longed for

You claimed all that I wished
Yet owned nothing at all
And I kept looking for dreams
In your sham virtues and douth

But times cannot be facile
And I knew the fall was due
My hands could no more hold
What seemed like a rosy loop

So the leap was bound by fate
And I had no reason to remorse
For to stay was for sure alluring
But I couldn’t be oh so callow.

~ Chhaya

Mute Talk

To the silence

that speaks

a thousand words


converse with me

for my heart


mute talks tonight.”

– Chhaya

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