Lost Summer

I haven’t had a chance
To stitch my heart together
In a long time,
There’s been no mend
To the pieces of me
Cluttered in my backyard,
I haven’t reached out
For the warmth
Of a loving hand
In all the winter nights gone by,
My home now reminds me
Of a gelid chamber
Of frosting walls,
The sun sometimes
Peeps reluctantly
Through my window
Only to be frozen
Behind the glass panes.

I don’t remember summers anymore,
My skin can’t recall
How the touch of
Morning beams feel like,
For I am only treasured with the nights
That you carefully left for me
Behind the olive curtains,
And a condensed blue moon
That still rests inside your closet.

All I do now
Is wait for you
To bring back
My lost summer.

~ Chhaya

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