It Rained!

It rained last night
When we kissed.
Yes it did!
I could feel
The drizzle
Soak my soul.
Tiny love droplets
Slowly seeping
Through my skin.
My bones
In the puddles
Filled with
Amorous pour
Of fervent desires.
Didn’t you hear
The sound
When it plashed
All over our hearts
As our lips
Entwined ?
Couldn’t you feel
The sweet mist
In our breaths
As we gasped
For air
Each others’ mouth?
You wouldn’t know,
But, it did rain
Last night.
And I am still
All drenched!

~ Chhaya

Do Wake Up!

Tell me,
Did you hear me
Grub my dreams
Last night
Or the nights before?
My eyes turning into
Makeshift shovels
Trying to dig out
The skeletons
I have been hiding
From you
Beneath the layers of
black mud nights.
I remember
You murmured something
As you slumbered next to me
With your head on my shoulder.
Perhaps you did sense
The heavy gush
Of tired breaths
From my mouth
But barely could you hear
The loud thumps on my chest.
Could you ?
Though I wish you had.
I wish you had
So you had woken up
And calmed me down
With a kiss
A hug
Or may be just your hands
Reaching out for mine
Helping me wipe those shovels
Of all the filth from past
That I had been soiling them with
Night after night.
I wish you had
So you could have
Reassured me
That my dreams
Need not be
Endless excavation missions
Yielding nothing but
Debitage memories
But that
They were meant to be
Beautiful gardens of love
And everything else
That I have ever wished for.

Tonight when my heart thumps
I hope you wake up
Please, do wake up!

~ Chhaya

Rhapsodies of Love

Right at the cusp
where my words
merge with your
tender breaths
that’s where
my poems dawn
with a whiff of
iambic rhythm
stirred by
your symphonic
inhales and exhales

and I let
my verses melt
with the touch
of your warm lips
dripping gently
like the blobs of
molten desires
exuding from
the rhyme of
entwined kisses
quietly reciting
rhapsodies of love.

~ Chhaya








This lull
is a tacit pain
an enduring constant
like cracked bones
which make no sound
like death
like rotations
and revolutions
of an astir orb
like seasons
like scars on my body
like a stubborn wall

my putrid feet
remind me
of decaying life
all a culmination of
what I thought
was only a beginning
of my nascent breaths
prowling through
animated existence

the memoirs of a mortal
caution me
of the vanishing time
of validities and verities
of fading complexions
and waning sapience
the sinking heart
beats silent throbs
giving way to

and once more
I sing your song
with aphonic mouth
as silentious eyes
intone the unsaid
from the engraved
sonnet on my back
carved by your
versed kisses
as I transit to

~ Chhaya

Poems of Love

The poems of love
dawning from my eyes
and adorned by your lips
as kisses craft verses
of tender desires
inscribed by the warmth
of your balmy breaths
all over my body
to be read in silence
only by sheer touch
in absolute darkness
feeling the words like braille
smudging the amorous ink
with your clammy hands
on my damp skin.

– Chhaya

Love Me Deep

Go beyond my skin
and scratch my bones
caress my heart
and fondle my soul

ignite fiery passion
and freeze my fears
quench my desires
and dry my tears

remove my layers
and gaze me through
embrace my scars
and kiss my wounds

taste every bit of me
and devour my savory sweat
cling on to my enamoring body
and fill me with your luscious breath

repeat the unsaid words with me
and sing the unheard silent moans
swing a little in those rhythmic spasms
and glide in curvy mounts and slopes

melt me in your soothing warmth
and let me rest in your every pore
mould me in your distinct shape
and hide me deep inside your core.


A Story Unaltered

Two trembling hands
scribing ardently
on old pale crispy papers
trying to overwrite
the already written
in their attempt
to redo the story
which had already met
its fate long back

a little change here
a silly twist there
reshuffling the sequence
undoing few events
some emotions left unexpressed
some reactions left undisplayed
some words deleted
some acts excluded
bringing a smile here
adding a kiss there
changing the frown into a grin
replacing the gloom with a glim
those blues made to be fun
those fights entirely shunned
adding more stars to the nights
bringing more hues to the lights

but as the story would unfold
and the dreary end would unroll
the trembling hands
would soon realise
that their attempts were
unavailing and futile
that no matter how hard
they would have tried
there were things destined
they could never have defied
for the twists and the garbles
and all the little bends
can only tweak the story
but not alter its end.



How naive I was
to not know
that every silence
could convey
a distinct meaning
until I met you
and fathomed
the many implicit
connotations of silence

From the innocent silence
when we were too shy
to even speak to each other
to the genial silence
as we watched
sunsets together
hand in hand

From the enticing silence
when our eyes
began to do
all the talking
(often disrupted by
intermittent kisses)
to the satiating silence
which enveloped us
after we lay in bed exhausted
making love whole night

From the apparent silence
when you knew
there were questions
I would never ask
to the obvious silence
when I knew
there were answers
you would never reveal

From the explicit silence
which was mere
absence of sound
to the intricate silence
indicating the absence of
love, trust and admiration

I traversed
through it all
and here I am now
waiting to comprehend
another silence
the one which is
unlike others
the silence
caused by
your absence.


Time Machine

You must be a time machine !
How else can you do it ?
The way you turn
my hard fiery days
into soothing nights
when I curl
in the warmth
of your arms
or the way you convert
my summers into springs
with a single kiss
which makes me bloom
like a flower

How do you do it ?
The way you make me stroll
through the dark lanes
of your harrowing past
telling me all the stories
from crushed pages of your life
and then you flee me far away
on a rosy trip to the future
everytime, my love
I look deep into your eyes

How do you do it ?
The way you make me
transit eras
in just one night
in the gush of your
mesmeric fervent love
and the way sometimes
you hold the time
just so that
you can love me
a little longer

Yes, you are my time machine !



I can shield myself
from the chills of freezing winters
but not from the shivers
of those lingering kisses
which you planted
on my body

I can hide myself
from the summer swelter
but not from the flames
of torrid sensations
which your touch
has left on my skin

I can save myself
from the stormy rains
but not from the spurts of
your indelible memories
which drench my mind and soul

And as the years go by
and seasons repeat themselves
I wonder
if I would ever be able to
elude you someday
the way I have been eluding
every season.


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