I kept emptying myself
to make room for someone
who was just not meant to stay

a fool I was
to have completely forgotten
the feeling of vacant rooms
left unoccupied in the past
the doors of which
I have locked now
burying the keys
under the pile of
abandoned memories
which remain unmoved
until shaken by dreary thoughts
causing unwarned turmoils
to awaken dormant fears

the trapped emptiness
behind locked doors
still knock hard at times though
reminding me
of the lingering void
which I have been trying
to run away from

yet there’s no escape
from the growing mustiness
inside muggy rooms
which vent out
of the corners of
broken windows
seeping into my pores
dampening my dry desires
as a clammy space longs for
the warmth of two bodies
close to each other.


Love Me Deep

Go beyond my skin
and scratch my bones
caress my heart
and fondle my soul

ignite fiery passion
and freeze my fears
quench my desires
and dry my tears

remove my layers
and gaze me through
embrace my scars
and kiss my wounds

taste every bit of me
and devour my savory sweat
cling on to my enamoring body
and fill me with your luscious breath

repeat the unsaid words with me
and sing the unheard silent moans
swing a little in those rhythmic spasms
and glide in curvy mounts and slopes

melt me in your soothing warmth
and let me rest in your every pore
mould me in your distinct shape
and hide me deep inside your core.


I am Still You

My body still smells like the fragrance of your body
and my skin still reflects the colour of your skin
my hair still has the texture of your hair
and my palms still bear the coarseness of your palms
my breaths still have the same pace as your breaths
and my voice still has a similar husk as your voice
my songs still play the music of your songs
and my poems still rhyme the same as your poems

I am still so much you
and you are still a part of me
which I carefully hide
underneath the covers of disguise
which I secretly lay on myself
to deceive the world
from evidencing
any of your signs

For it’s been long
that you have gone
and I am without you now
except for the parts of you
which I have graciously imbibed
and the world would only laugh at me
if it gets to know
I still treasure you
in my pores, memories
and desires deep inside.


Not That Easy

So my soft delicate body
attracted you like a magnet
and you found it fascinating
for a thing you could just possess
so you thought you would trap me
with a smile and a little wink
and lure my mind with rhetoric
to sweep me off my feet
your excitement went soaring high
when you thought I was docile
and that you would shape and mould me
with your sheer touch and a brief sigh
you wanted to pour me into a bottle
and drink me like sweet wine
and quench your lusty cravings
in my taste which would be divine

But while you felt your plan was perfect
and you were just ready to go
there were things behind the lustre
which you were just too naive to know

A touch and you parched your fingers
and your desires turned into ashes
for the body you thought was cold as moon
was a sun blazing with flames and flashes

I wish you would have known
I was not that easy to get
for you need to touch my soul
before you get to touch my frame.


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