Rhapsodies of Love

Right at the cusp
where my words
merge with your
tender breaths
that’s where
my poems dawn
with a whiff of
iambic rhythm
stirred by
your symphonic
inhales and exhales

and I let
my verses melt
with the touch
of your warm lips
dripping gently
like the blobs of
molten desires
exuding from
the rhyme of
entwined kisses
quietly reciting
rhapsodies of love.

~ Chhaya








You flow through me
like a sparkling untamed river
majestic and unsurpassed
navigating through
my brown sedimentary skin
caressing my body
with gush of lustrous waves

your sensuous gentle ripples
stir my phlegmatic desires
like a ferocious deluge
hitting a comatose coast
and I bend and curve
through your smooth meanders
conforming to your silent urges

Oh! can’t you see ?
I am all riverine tonight.

~ Chhaya

Rain, Romance and Lunacy

So glad to share this little piece of poetry that I did in collaboration with my dear friend and fellow blogger Ankan. It was so much fun to bring this out here, and we really hope that you would enjoy it too. Do check out Ankan’s page here for more of his amazing poetry.

(My lines in italics) 

The fluorescent is oscillating
between blue and red luminous upliftment
like some bohemian art 
flickering spirits of a drunken maverick

Windows are open
still there’s no light outside
I have evident this darkness before
hollow and impenetrable
in the chaotic silence of 
anxious and ominous days

clouds and the choirs of hallucinating waters
take over me like a devastating spell

there’s a rhythm in it
there’s a music in it
like that of a
withered primitive melody
sentient and hypnotic

and I am the madman putting words through them
words through rhythm making a poetry of wet and damp urban mess
words through music making a poetry which doesn’t make any sense
arranging semantic distractions in vague orders
to yield textured connotations from volatile tenors
provocative yet soothing
shallow yet abyssal

but the third one is magic
the third one is words through both rhythms and music
concerted into an enchanting symphony
with the synergy of sonorous quietude 

Well, I get a song there
significant and from the roots of melancholic rain.

~ In collaboration, Ankan and Chhaya

The Last Summer

I have seen kisses dry
embraces shrivel
and the warmth of touches
turn into scalding frictions
of unfathomed rancour

silhouetted against the sky
I have felt our bodies char
in the sweltering surly nights
insentient of the placid moon
when the tirades of reviling odium
took over us like a febrile illness
and our words blistered malice

we lived with rumpled desires
and crumpled hopes
our wrinkled leathery faces
narrated impassive stories
of a vapid arid romance
and cracked eyes revealed
traces of shattered dreams
as we saw our love fade
from pink to blanched pale
in the ruthless spell of summer
that we last spent together.

~ Chhaya






Of Promises

I will never hide
the stories
I have piled
beneath my skin
and the pain
I have stashed
under my bones
or the longing
that I breathe
with bruised nostrils
only if you promise
you will never tire of
peeling off the layers
that residues of past
have accumulated
on my body
like rotting scabs.

~ Chhaya




You Make Me Art

Parallel to the amorphous sky
the horizontal frame
of my statuesque body
lies like a piece of
magnificent architecture
holding vertical pillars
of your transcending memories
elevating from the pedestal
of my torpid mind
embellished with the carvings
of verses of love and pain
which have lingered with me
through every fraction of time

and the moonlight beams
pierce through my skin
like armature wires
so as to shape my contours
reminding me of your touch
which would instantly convert
every fragment of me
into a living figurine
of perfectly sculpted art
as I arched in your arms.

– Chhaya

Loom of Desires

I was the warmth
of your golden skin
and you were the source
of my balmy breaths
those were the nights
when I had learned
how to weave dreams
with my cottony hands

your hair my silken yarn
which I could spin
all through the night
and then wind them
around my fingers
like beams wrapped
around warp-piles

with the jacquard loom of desires
taking hues from ombre skies
I thus wove a thousand dreams
in dark nights with open eyes.

– Chhaya

A Brown Poem

It’s a brown poem
that I write tonight
immersed in the ink
of your hazel eyes
brown is the shade
of my sublime words
and brown is the tone
of my subtle dactyls

the cadence is brown
the accent is brown
brown the assonance
and the rhythm is brown

the brown caesura
the brown elision
brown is the ellipsis
and refrains are brown

aglow by the touch
of your bronzy skin
the sense, the essence
and the gist is brown

brown are the feelings
brown are emotions
in the cascade of your hair
my verses flow in brown.

– Chhaya

Far Off Songs

I thank you for the songs
that you still sing for me
all alone in the gloomy
melancholic nights
to the music of love
which we played together
when our euphonious breaths
harmonically synthesised

and to the mountains and trees
and the towers and walls
I thank them ofttimes
from the depths of my heart
for bringing these songs
from all the distance to me
deflecting every note
every timbre and pitch
to finally make way
through miles unbound
for the melodies to reach
whom they really belong.

– Chhaya

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