The Knock

The stray sounds of
my name on your lips
still knock at my door sometimes
gently, but with a little husk
and yet shaking the walls
of my relinquished memories
making brittle chronicles fall off
the brown ligneous shelves
placed in some forbidden corner
of my rustic vapid heart
turning them into sharp pieces
of broken dreams and hopes
which pierce deep inside
to dredge up the wounds of past
only to remind me
how delusive is my urge
to rush and open the door.

– Chhaya








Of Love and the Rains

The rains once again
are here to remind
how fervently I loved you
with every bit of my might
falling from the vertex
of boundless soars
touching upon the depths
unbridled and unfathomed
sometimes like a drizzle
soothing and divine
and sometimes like a deluge
ravaging and unconfined
from silent and serene
to loud as a roar
from quiet and calm
to intense like a clamor
I fell on the trees
on the glass and the stones
on the earth and concrete
into the sea and the shores
sometimes I seeped in
through the pores of your skin
and sometimes I slipped
down your edges, slants and slopes.

– Chhaya


The night stumbles upon
the tint of amber
and dreams fall out
of my clammy hands
leaving bare desires
shattered on the floor
as I lie on the edge
of my empty bed

the stars are gone
and so are you
but I live with this hope
to hold on to
that I will meet you soon
and will hold you tight
when our dreams cross again
on some slumberous night.

– Chhaya



In this
mean world
no I won’t
cover up
the dents of
thrashes of time
that adorn my life
for I am the moon
deeply in love
with its craters.

– Chhaya













Moon’s Envy

The fragments of you
still left in me
is what makes me glow
in the darkest of nights

like silvery beam, I am
without the sky to hold on to
but the envy of moon, I am

an assemblage of stars
I may not have to boast about
but a proud ensemble of you, I am.

– Chhaya

Of Voids

I let you in through the closed doors
to be greeted by absolute silence
and hosted by empty rooms
which have nothing to serve you with
except for remaining traces of breaths
which once filled the ambience
with their deep amorous fragrance

the lonely walls invite you
to read stories of withered love
embossed all over them
in indecipherable script
and some fading verses inscribed
long ago in the name of a lover
whisper into your ears
urging you to wipe them off completely
so as to be rewritten
in the name of someone
who doesn’t let the poems die
with the fate of an eroding wall

so amidst the void which lingered
between the floor and the roof
you float verses in our names
to fill every space and nook
and there I stood revering
the magic in your words
for I never knew you would bring me
so much ardor, hope and love.



I am betraying my dozy eyes
and keeping my dreams at bay
until I find your arms
to put me to sleep again

I desist the calmant of night
and decline the salve of moon
for the only sedative I need
is to be gently caressed by you.


Set to Fly

I could feel my legs shaking
as I stood there in a dark corner
surrounded by silence
holding my pieces together
curling my toes harder
to clutch the ground
for a firmer grip
as to be fallen was not an option
and to shatter was beyond question
all I needed was a moment with self
to yet again get hold of my life
which I had since long
left in deep denial

can’t believe
how utterly consumed I was
by something so futile
that I could so easily forget
the worth of my own being

time had almost gone still by now
as eerie thoughts rampaged my mind
and I found myself almost in shambles
with no way out for any respite

so I go on to close my weary eyes
in an attempt to see if I could find
some solace in ever lingering pain
of piles of wound that I had imbibed
and I shook my blemished frame a bit
and stirred my patchy battered soul
to shed off the weight of dry flakes
from rotting skin and decaying hope

while I could feel my nerves throbbing really hard
and the rush of blood going down my spine
but I was yet to make myself truly believe
that I had survived the brutal assaults of life
so I placed my hand close to my heart
and gave my breaths a little miss for a while
and as I fluttered to gasp for some air within
I knew I was alive and all set to fly.


Finding Love

You were too shallow
to bear the depth of my love
but someday I will find
the soul to hold
the enormous love
which my heart comprise

and the arms to embrace
every fraction of me
through my length and breadth
and the depths inside

the touch which feels
beyond my skin
and the eyes that gaze
beneath my guise

the one who fills
every pore of me
and engulfs my whole
in his amorous zephyr.





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