Gluey Memories

Immersed deep in the darkness
of mucid glutinous nights
imbued with the resin of
viscous gluey memories
I adhere
to fading thoughts of you
like an old peeling affiche
lingering on a crumbling wall
heedless of its ensuing collapse.

~ Chhaya



35 thoughts on “Gluey Memories

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  1. I enjoyed reading this as well as other poems, especially ones which use words such as timber, ember, kindling(did you?) ashes, glue etc. Even this one taught me couple of words(mucid, affiche) but beautiful expressions are to be woven with rhythm and harmony to create verses like yours. Your name Chhaya is kind of rare and beautiful and even your blog name is wonderful. May I know what health rights are? Is it like basic health care for poor and old(everyone?) Nice meeting you! One minor info: the fonts on your about page tell that you’re not an introvert–introverts usually go for small font and try to hide. Even your image(might be fictional character) is partially expressed yet not introverted kind of personality. Maybe you’re on verge of becoming an extrovert. I think I bored you and others enough by now! Goodbye!

    Love and light ❀



    1. Thanks so much, Louise! (is that how I should be addressing you?) It’s great to see you on my page and to have your kind comment. Am indeed glad that you liked my work. 😊

      I enjoyed going through your blog and found it really different and interesting. I look forward to your next post.

      My very best to you for everything! πŸ€—



    1. Dear Rose, it’s wonderful to have you here on my page! Thanks so much for the read and the kind comment. I am so touched by your words and feel really honoured. 😊

      You have an amazing blog and I love your writings. I truly appreciate the very positive attitude that you have towards life despite all the things that you have been through. You are very inspirational and I wish you the best of everything in life!πŸ€—

      Much love!

      Liked by 1 person

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