Brumal Memories

Benumbed by the chills
of your brumal memories
I lay frozen every night
under the crisp moonlight
the shivers crack the bones
but the pain glaciates
while your sleeting thoughts
continue to pierce my mind
the sleep somewhere quivers
keeping me wide awake
and dreams come to frost
deep in my gelid eyes.

– Chhaya


46 thoughts on “Brumal Memories

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    1. Thanks so much, D ! Yes, this poem reflects mixed emotions, of love which is there but not there. I am glad you enjoyed it. To hear from you is always a pleasure and I truly appreciate your kind thoughts.

      Much love !

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  1. Your use of glaciates is perfect in this piece and certainly captures the creeping nature haunting memories of a loved one passed on from this world. This is poetry at its best!!!

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