The night stumbles upon
the tint of amber
and dreams fall out
of my clammy hands
leaving bare desires
shattered on the floor
as I lie on the edge
of my empty bed

the stars are gone
and so are you
but I live with this hope
to hold on to
that I will meet you soon
and will hold you tight
when our dreams cross again
on some slumberous night.

– Chhaya


52 thoughts on “Dreams

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        1. Oh ! Hope you are feeling better now, Sarah. I too have not been very active on the forum lately, partially due to health reasons as well as due to work pressure. You take care of yourself and I would look forward to your posts. 😊

          Much love !

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    1. This made me smile, Devika ! 😊 Thanks so much dear. Just trying to somehow be here once in a while. My health is better now but the work pressure is still taking a toll on me. Have a lot to catch up on your blog I know, will stop by soon.

      Much love !

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      1. I understand the work pressure Chhaya and how it can be worrisome often.
        I hope now you will take better care of yourself and deliver your best once again.
        Recently my blog got deleted and you may have to check out this new one.Hope it won’t be much to ask.
        Love, Devika!:)

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  1. I’m cheating myself by reading your poetry without a cup of tea. I know better than that. I should have set the right ambiance for this.

    Seriously, you gotta get a poetry book. I would so buy it!! I can see the perfect evening set up at my house. Tea, my cat, a nice afghan over my legs and poetry.

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    1. Aww…that’s so sweet of you to say so, Faith ! You just touched my heart with this. I haven’t thought about a book yet, but many readers have been suggesting that I come out with one. With your kind wishes, may be soon the right opportunity for a book would emerge. I am grateful to you for your continuous encouragement. Please do keep reading and sharing your love for my poems. It does mean a lot to me ! 😊

      Hugs !

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