In this
mean world
no I won’t
cover up
the dents of
thrashes of time
that adorn my life
for I am the moon
deeply in love
with its craters.

– Chhaya














45 thoughts on “Craters

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  1. The skill to say a lot in a short piece of poetry is one of the greatest, and you undoubtedly possess it. I could relate very well to your poem because I’m also sick and tired of the eclipse we have to display to the world to hide our craters.

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    1. Dear Anisha, it’s lovely to hear from you. My apologies for a late response as I have not been keeping too well. But just wanted to thank you for taking out time to read my poem and for the lovely comment. Your generous words of appreciation mean a lot to me.

      I love your writings and look forward to reading more from you. 😊

      Much love !

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    1. Hey, Charlie ! I am sorry for my long absence. For some time I wasn’t keeping well and then this work pressure turned out to be oh so consuming. Just trying to squeeze out time somehow to write a bit in between. I too missed reading your thought provoking posts all this while, but I promise to visit your blog very soon. Thanks for your lovely comment on this piece and for bringing a smile on my face amidst all the chaos I am surrounded with at work. 😁

      Cheers !

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