I am betraying my dozy eyes
and keeping my dreams at bay
until I find your arms
to put me to sleep again

I desist the calmant of night
and decline the salve of moon
for the only sedative I need
is to be gently caressed by you.



62 thoughts on “Sedative

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    1. Thanks so much Ashish for the read and the lovely comment ! I am so thrilled to know that you liked this piece. 😊

      You’ve got a very interesting blog and I am excited about reading more of your work.

      Cheers !

      Liked by 1 person

          1. There is a saying I believe in; When it comes to that one girl, you lust the perfections in her but fall in love with her imperfections… so I guess… once in a while… disorientations should be there… so that I can keep falling in love with your work… 😊

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  1. and decline the salve of moon 🙂
    The elements you mentioned denying are powerful ones. To deny their natural affect as you wait on your love makes for great poetry. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Faith, my apologies for such a late response. I had been a little unwell and hence have not been regular on the forum. I truly appreciate you taking out time to read my poems and I must tell you that your ever encouraging comments are like soup for my soul. Thanks a ton !

      Much love !


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