Like a Fabric

How much would it take
for you to interpret
what lies behind
my forced smiles
and the guise of
deep watery eyes

can’t you see
I am only trying to be
how you wanted me to be
wrapping my hopes
under the covers of
fake contentment
squeezing myself
to perfectly fit into
the exact frame of
your expectations

and sometimes
I fold myself
like a piece of
silken clothing
to find some space
in your packed closet
hoping that someday
you might pick me up
and take time
to unfold my layers
observing the intricacies
of minute patterns
carefully woven
on a tedious craft

and then perhaps
you just might spot
the missing strands
and little knots of threads
giving jitters to your hands
as you run your fingers
on the plain fabric
feeling the coarseness
mild but sharp enough
to pierce into your skin
giving you a sense of reality.


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