Fake Love

The hold so tight
that the grip still lingers
the blue patches on body
paint a somber picture
the scars which you gave
are now indelible marks
the pain so profound
I still feel those spasms
the voice strident and crude
still echos around at times
the harsh acerbic words
my ears are bruised inside
those fierce raucous expressions
still turn havoc in my dreams
actions wild and vicious
I still carry their impressions
deep within

you gave me all of these
when I yearned for
love and admiration
and left me with
just nothing
but these callous
lesions and dejection
I wish I could have gauged
your love which was so fake
calling it all off soon
before it was far too late.


27 thoughts on “Fake Love

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  1. This is a sad piece and fierce as well. The person here has come out of the storm of the abusive relationship and has begun a new journey. Very nicely put 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Tushita, that’s what it was about. Love could be a fierce experience at times, contrary to what we usually believe it should be like. Thanks for the read and the like 🙂 ❤


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