There are times
when I breathe you in
filling all of my deepest pores
with the fractions of you
my body glowing
in the glow of your skin
my eyes shining
in the shine of your eyes
can’t you see ?
I am nothing
but your alter image

And then there are times
when I suck you out
from every tiny possibility
of my being
wiping you off
from my every conscious memory
and like filthy mud on the floor
washing away all your traces
as if you never existed
and shedding every flake of my skin
to efface even the slightest feel
of your touch

all of this
to only lead me back
to breathe you in again
and to yet again
expel you from myself
YES, you are such a routine now !


12 thoughts on “Routine

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  1. I was once stuck in such a cycle, a routine of exhaustion.
    One day in all the tumbling like a body at the mercy of the surf,
    My head found way to the surface and everything was different.
    I suppose I have random chance to thank for breath of fresh air
    Thanks for sharing Chaya

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    1. Heyyy (I wish I knew your name !)….I can see how much you could relate to this poem. It must have been a difficult phase that you went through and I hope you are over it now πŸ™‚

      Thanks for taking time out to visit my blog and for reading my poem. I just glanced into your site and I must say, what an interesting writer you are ! I look forward to reading more from you.

      I hope you would keep sparing time to read my poems. Please do keep visiting.

      My very best to you !

      Cheers !!
      Chhaya πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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