Preserve Your Dreams

The somber night churns itself
under the argent beam
of the moonlight
giving in to the dawn
leaving the residues
of fragile dreams behind
to decay in the day’s heat
and die a death in despair
unless there are dreams
that are chosen
and picked up
to be preserved deep inside
that marvellous corner
of ones heart
which is shielded with hope
and faith
where the dreams revive
and rejuvenate themselves
in the tender aura of
pursuit and desire
to survive
the many thrashes
of changing times
and seasons
to ultimately yield to
an accomplished reality.


15 thoughts on “Preserve Your Dreams

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    1. Dear Mahalakshmi, thank you so much for stopoing by my blog and for taking time to read, like and comment on my poems ! I am so glad that you found my poems worthwhile.

      I just took a quick tour of your blog and found it absolutely amazing. You write beautifully and I look forward to reading more from you.

      Please do keep visiting and reading my poems. It’s a pleasure to connect with you.

      Chhaya πŸ™‚ πŸ’“


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