Our Exotic Love

Thousands of miles apart
we might be
but why does it feel
like we are close together
hand in hand
shoulder touching shoulder
breaths entangling breaths
lips tasting lips
and I can still take a dip
in the soft scent
of your body
which captivates me
like some magic
spelled from a dark space
far away
unseen, uncharted

I can still immerse myself
in the sensation
of your touch
on my skin
which comes and goes
like a whirl of cold air
giving me goosebumps
every now and then

And when I feel you
this close to me
please let me know
that I am not alone
lost in the bliss
of this moment
and that
you too feel the same

And that, my love
would complete this story
which was never meant to be
for the world only believes
in what exists and what’s evident
and the non existent
is ridiculed and eliminated

And our love
though might not exist
in the eyes of the world
yet remember that
it’s in the non-existence
that the most beautiful
things reside
and that’s where
our love is meant to be.


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