A moonless night
and an inky balcony
lonely me
and the lonely sky
scattered memories
around my feet
and my failed attempts
to kick them aside

Creeping, crawling
and clinging memories
scrape the skin
and ravage my mind
sleepy eyes
waiting to doze off
and a restless body
which is sleep denied

– Chhaya

10 thoughts on “Memories

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  1. Am a new blogger here, unknown to this huge world.
    Bt then with all my courage I stepped here in this ocean without even any kind of safety measures;)
    While scrolling for some good stuff, I saw Ur blog.
    Indeed an interesting presentation.
    Plus among all those post, I read the very first one, you wrote. This one. It’s incredibly amazing 💙.
    I feel inspired already.
    Loved Ur words💫


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